Talk Your Book: The Most Ambitious ETFs

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Simplify Asset Management.

We spoke with Simplify CEO and co-founder Paul Kim about their new ETF lineup.

We discuss:

  • Protecting the downside and enhancing the upside on disruptive companies
  • Is growth the new value?
  • The difference between now and the 1990s with growth stocks
  • The relationship between growth stocks and interest rates
  • What ends the current environment?
  • Using options to gain more upside potential and downside protection in concentrated portfolios
  • Investing in fintech, cybersecurity, robocars and pop culture
  • Why options need to be actively managed
  • How options work inside ETFs
  • Planning for huge sell-offs in disruptive companies
  • Are thematic funds the next star fund managers?

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