Talk Your Book: The Madness of the Crowds

Today’s Talk Your Book is brought to you by Orion Advisor Solutions.

We spoke with behavioral psychology expert Daniel Crosby on all of the craziness going on in the markets of late.

We discuss:

  • No narrative is so pure that it cannot be corrupted by bad actors
  • Are investors more primed for bad behavior than ever before?
  • Did we underrate the internet in terms of market impact?
  • Why behavioral psychology is better at explaining than predicting
  • How behavior differs between groups and individuals
  • The number one predictor of mental wellness
  • The two things people want in life
  • Getting rich quickly vs. getting rich slowly
  • Are investors learning the wrong lessons right now?
  • The psychology of “free”
  • Mental accounting in your portfolio
  • How do we better educate investors?
  • Nostalgia as an investment factor

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