Animal Spirits: Worst Call Ever?

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We discuss:

  • Disney+
  • The analyst who has been bearish on Netflix since 2002
  • Why technology firms should get into banking
  • The rash of Armegeddon predictions since 2008
  • The difference between predictions and portfolios
  • How billions of humans IPO’d
  • Influencer fraud
  • New accounts from free trades
  • Why it’s impossible to quantify advertising
  • William Shatner on interest rates vs. home prices
  • 5-hour workdays and 4-day workweeks
  • The new marshmallow test
  • Tom Hanks on parenting
  • Never read the comments
  • Performance chasing from hedge funds to private equity
  • Diversifying single-stock exposure
  • Lots of recommendations and much more

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