Talk Your Book: Understanding Opportunity Zones

Today’s Talk Your Book is brought to you by Opp Zone Capital:

We spoke with Opp Zone Capital’s Edmon Rafiki about all things opportunity zones.

We discuss:

  • Why wealthy individuals have such an aversion to taxes
  • What is an opportunity zone?
  • What is the opportunity set for these investments?
  • Who are the targeted investors for opportunity zones?
  • How do the tax breaks work?
  • What can you invest in with an opportunity zone fund?
  • How Covid has impacted opportunity zone investments
  • What is the time horizon on these investments?
  • Why taxes are more important than alpha
  • Meeting the substantial improvement rule
  • How are opportunity zone funds structured?
  • What are the biggest risks involved?
  • Who are the investors in these funds?
  • Who can invest in opportunity zones?
  • What does the return of capital look like for these investments?

Listen here:

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