Animal Spirits: The Emergency Rate Cut

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We discuss:

  • What to make of the coronavirus and its potential impact
  • The stock market sell-off
  • The wild move in interest rates
  • Is a recession the base case now?
  • How does this affect the travel industry?
  • Is it time to cancel your vacation?
  • Putting this correction into historical perspective
  • Are losses easier or harder to deal with when you have certain uncertainty?
  • Are Vanguard investors smarter than the pros?
  • Bill Gates on the coronavirus
  • The Reddit market top?
  • Dow 40k license plates
  • Monetary heresy as the biggest threat to humanity?
  • Blinded by working in the finance industry
  • Has social media changed how young people answer surveys?
  • How closely do mortgage rates track treasury bonds?
  • Time to replace Jack Dorsey at Twitter?
  • Individual securities or index funds during a downturn?
  • What if you invested in the Nasdaq at the peak of the dot-com bubble?
  • Taylow Swift vs. Craig Kilborn and much more

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