Animal Spirits: A Noobwhale Picker’s Market

We discuss:

  • The latest crazy economic data
  • Is this the hardest market environment to outperform ever?
  • Will any investors develop a more open mind about investing after this?
  • Will more millennials buy homes because of this crisis?
  • How worse would things be if the Fed didn’t act so fast?
  • What are the unintended consequences of central bank actions?
  • How much are low rates contributing to the stock market’s performance?
  • Why aren’t stocks in Europe and Japan up more if rates are so low there?
  • The relationship between value stocks, growth stocks and inflation
  • The resiliency of dividends
  • Market turmoil is drawing in more new investors
  • Is Aribnb in trouble?
  • Why The 3 phases of the economy right now
  • The supercharged trend in new movies and more

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