Animal Spirits: Everybody’s Trading

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben…

We discuss:

  • The rush of people into trading stocks
  • Is there a silver-lining to ridiculous risk-taking?
  • My first investment
  • Will your future self approve of your present self’s actions?
  • 90% of American’s are happy with their personal lives?
  • The education wealth gap in millennials
  • Why is Vanguard getting into private equity?
  • Why is so much money flowing into bonds?
  • 700 years of interest rates
  • How crazy are current mortgage rates?
  • Why there could be way more strange media marriages
  • The downside of sports gambling
  • NYC rental broker fees
  • Instagram vs. YouTube
  • Crazy recession indicators
  • The half-life of wealth
  • The Coronavirus
  • How many people don’t leave a tip at a restaurant?
  • Disney+ and much more

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