Animal Spirits: The Vaccine

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We discuss:

  • What impact will a vaccine have on the markets and economy?
  • When will people actually be able to receive the vaccine?
  • How was this vaccine not already priced into the market?
  • Which pandemic stocks will still have legs in a post-pandemic world?
  • Will we see a one-time mean reversion in the most beaten-down stocks or a sustained rally?
  • Is the long normal world / short pandemic trade upon us?
  • Are we setting up for a massive boom?
  • Is the post-election rally all because investors were so hedged heading into it?
  • How did the betting markets get the result so wrong on election night?
  • Is corporate America our most stable institution?
  • My advice for both democrats and republicans going forward
  • Why booze sales are down
  • Will people be able to wait out the virus knowing a vaccine is coming?
  • Renting vs. buying a home and much more

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