Animal Spirits: Valuations Don’t Matter

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We discuss:

  • Does it make sense Zoom is worth more than the 5 biggest U.S. airlines?
  • How many of the pandemic stocks are here for good?
  • When does a Zoom competitor enter the building?
  • Is Spotify ready to take over the podcast game?
  • Bankrupcies are piling up
  • What if Amazon bought JC Penney?
  • Which regions get hit the hardest from commercial real estate troubles?
  • Should remote workers be paid less?
  • Who stands to win and lose from the work from home trend?
  • The summer bull case for Airbnb
  • Why alternative ETFs haven’t worked
  • Why low interest rates are making valuations difficult to use
  • Why dividends in the stock market are underrated
  • Why hasn’t the pandemic brought the country together?
  • Does it make sense valuations are moving higher over time?
  • What happens to the conference industry and much more

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