Animal Spirits: Too Young, Too Dumb & Too Inexperienced

We’re back for show number two of this week.

We discuss:

  • Corporation inequality
  • Retail spending is making a massive shift to online shopping
  • Why aren’t video game company stocks up more?
  • Deflation is here
  • Inequality in the unemployment numbers
  • Pain for even the very best restaurants
  • Why the government needs to extend unemployment benefits and send more checks
  • Why are housing prices rising during the pandemic?
  • Will there be an exodus from big cities?
  • Are the banks in trouble?
  • Why it’s impossible to take investing advice from billionaires
  • Young investors are piling into the market. Good thing or bad thing?
  • Is value really dead this time?
  • Are ratios losing their relevance in the markets?
  • Are valuations worthless right now?
  • How credit card companies keep people in debt
  • Globalization is making it hard to determine winners and losers from this crisis
  • Will anyone want to go into a dressing room after this?
  • Comedy at the Oscars and much more

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