Animal Spirits: When to Sell a Growth Stock

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We discuss:

  • Will Omicron prolong the supply chain and labor market shortage problems?
  • Did we miss out on our roaring 20s?
  • Why I’m never shopping at the mall again
  • People have too much stuff
  • We’re close to a record number of all-time highs in stocks this year
  • Are returns getting close to 1990s levels?
  • Celebrity SPACs stink
  • Good luck betting against the U.S. economy
  • Do investors focus too much on risk?
  • Is a falling savings rate good for the labor market?
  • What fighter jets can tell us about inflation
  • Why the stock market is your best source of investment income
  • Why crypto is going to be so important to creators on the internet
  • Are 40% annual returns even possible?
  • AMC and the community mentality
  • Why I sold Stitch Fix earlier this year when the CEO stepped down
  • Who still uses their Alexa?

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