Animal Spirits: Listener Mailbag

Today’s listener mailbag is presented by Naviplan by Advicent:

Go to to learn more about how their financial planning software. And check out The Planning Desk Podcast with Tony Stich who helped us answer some questions today.

We discuss:

  • What to do with your money after maxing out your retirement accounts?
  • How should people learn about crypto?
  • Managing money when a parent dies
  • Would markets be worse if we never had the pandemic?
  • Should investors pay attention to analyst ratings?
  • Why do all cryptos seem to trade in line with one another?
  • Should you be able to buy a bigger home with low interest rates?
  • How should young people diversify their savings?
  • When should you sell out of the market with your down payment money?
  • Farmland vs. bonds vs. stocks
  • What is the point of rebalancing?
  • Mentally accounting for your portfolio
  • Why active vs. indexing doesn’t always matter as much as you think
  • What to do with long-term holdings that have huge gains
  • How to limit equity risk with such low interest rates
  • The relationship of the dollar to your investments
  • Allow yourself to enjoy your money
  • How much money should you have in your company’s stock?
  • Tapping your retirement funds for an investment opportunity

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