Animal Spirits Episode 44: When Hitler Took Cocaine

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • How much brokers charged in the 1940s for stock trades.
  • Stocks are overvalued by almost every measure but what does that mean?
  • How the growth of intangible assets has impacted the markets.
  • The fallout from the crypto massacre.
  • Will the finance industry stamp out Robinhood’s growth?
  • Why have managed futures funds performed so poorly?
  • Americans still know how to spend money.
  • The sell signal that’s only happened 5 times since 1895.
  • Does it matter how long the bull market is?
  • There will always be bad actors in financial services.
  • Will our sons play football when they get to high school?
  • Would you rather receive a lump sum or guaranteed monthly payouts?
  • Are lottery winners happier than everyone else?
  • A bad idea by Chicago to fix their pension problems.
  • Is it even possible for indexing to become too popular?
  • Micheal’s review of The Meg & much more.

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