Animal Spirits Episode 47: Borrowing From the Future

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben we discuss:

  • Ray Dalio’s thoughts on debt cycles.
  • Taking financial advice from billionaires.
  • The world’s $250 trillion in debt.
  • How much debt is too much for the world’s governments?
  • Why no one really knows how many assets are indexed.
  • How lotteries can help people save more money.
  • JP Morgan wants more millennial customers and they’re willing to pay.
  • Many of 2008’s star hedge fund managers have seen assets evaporate.
  • Why there are fewer new hedge funds being opened today.
  • When rules-based investing backfires.
  • Can international markets hedge your portfolio during a U.S. recession?
  • Lump sum or dollar cost average?
  • Our thoughts on using a stop-loss and much more.

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