Animal Spirits: Micro Bubbles

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We discuss:

  • Why index funds will never cause a bubble
  • Are micro bubbles in small stocks here to stay?
  • Penny stock madness
  • Why anecdotes can’t help you time the market
  • Reddit traders moving markets
  • Why this market is like Boiler Room & Independence Day
  • The bitcoin story everyone is talking about
  • Is complexity a good thing for crypto?
  • What if growth is the new value?
  • The terrible reason targetdate fund flows are reversing
  • If the government is going to spend so much money shouldn’t we get it to people who need it the most?
  • What’s the next Austin?
  • Why cities are like tech firms
  • Are people underestimating the economy in 2021?
  • Is it time for the economy to outperform the stock market?

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