Animal Spirits: The Absence of Stuff

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We discuss:

  • The billionaire commencement speaker paying off student loans
  • Even Harvard is teaching students about personal finance
  • Goldman buying United Capital
  • WeWork urges investors to see losses as “investments”
  • Why you don’t need to have your career path figured out right away
  • ETFs are now starting to pay investors
  • Why are more young people defaulting on credit cards?
  • Where does the phrase ‘dead cat bounce’ come from?
  • Why Americans are more focused on spending than saving
  • My spoiler-free Game of Thrones thoughts
  • Why Michael Lewis is wrong about high-frequency trading
  • Why it’s OK to disagree with people you respect
  • How to retire early
  • Newsflash — houses are expensive
  • What’s the recommended time horizon for holding an ETF?
  • Insurance vs. investments and much more

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