Animal Spirits: Is This Worse Than 2008?

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We discuss:

  • When chasing yield goes bad
  • Worries about the credit markets
  • Why this period gives me more anxiety than 2008
  • Is work from home here to stay?
  • How long will schools be closed?
  • The Fed’s bazooka
  • The impact on small business
  • Time for our own version of war bonds?
  • Why Twitter has been helpful throughout this ordeal
  • How bad could the recession get?
  • GMO says time to buy?
  • Dislocations in bond ETFs
  • Real-life pajama traders
  • Robinhood’s struggles
  • Was the NBA the tipping point
  • What’s going to happen to the movie industry
  • Lots of opportunities to tax loss harvest at the moment
  • Trying to nail the bottom
  • Does an all-in-one fund make life easier during a crisis?
  • How does this impact housing prices?

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