Animal Spirits Episode 62: The Market Swoon

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We discuss:

  • Steve Mnuchin’s bizarre statement on the banks.
  • Big up and down days in the market.
  • What’s the biggest cause of the market’s downturn?
  • Are algos really to blame for increased volatility?
  • How much liquidity does the market need to function during a downturn?
  • Huge outflows from mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Historical performance after huge down quarters
  • We investigate: Is technology speeding up market cycles?
  • Why does the S&P 500 have 505 stocks?
  • Does investment performance even matter for Ivy League endowments?
  • What stocks are millennials buying on Robinhood and why?
  • Manufactured crises from the media.
  • Why we got rid of our minivan.
  • Our joint review of Bird Box on Netflix and much more.

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