Animal Spirits Episode 58: The Sellers Are in Control

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • Michael’s two appearances on CNBC.
  • The couple who retired in their 30s with $1 million.
  • Are the FIRE people offering unrealistic expectations?
  • Can your savings really last 50+ years using the 4% rule?
  • When FIRE goes wrong.
  • How much money does the average retiree spend each year?
  • A steak dinner with a side of an annuity pitch.
  • Where is the Vanguard of annuities?
  • What if they made an annuity for FIRE people?
  • Judge Judy’s ridiculous salary.
  • Why is it considered a badge of honor to work long hours in the finance industry?
  • When tankers collide and much more.

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