Animal Spirits: Economically Unattractive

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben we discuss:

  • Passive bubble feedback
  • What are some legitimate concerns about the rise in indexing?
  • Slack, Uber, Lyft and WeWork all getting smoked
  • Is the private markets bubble bursting?
  • An intro to rewards credit cards
  • Should all the big tech companies have their own credit cards?
  • The stock market vs. the economy
  • Why do more people own stocks now?
  • Why people don’t like personal finance experts
  • Why are student loan forgiveness plans so complicated?
  • Why haven’t realtor fees fallen in the US?
  • Will people own fractional shares of different assets in the future?
  • Why are marriage rates down?
  • Are deep fake fears overblown?
  • Brad Pitt and happiness
  • Why are NYC, LA, and Chicago shrinking?
  • How college grads can get into an RIA and much more

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