Animal Spirits: The Opposite of a Falling Knife

We discuss:

  • Are retail investors really pushing the market around?
  • How much free PR is Robinhood getting right now?
  • Is the new Hertz bankruptcy stock offering the craziest finance story of the year?
  • Do all these new retail traders help active professional investors?
  • Is Dave Portnoy really a sign of anything in the market?
  • Can CalPERS use leverage in their fund prudently?
  • How could private equity end up like index funds?
  • Why are private equity firms paid so well?
  • Why bad news resonates more than good news
  • Are we setting up for a banking collapse?
  • Why CLOs of today aren’t like CDOs from the subprime blow-up
  • Why don’t more private tech firms doing well right now go public?
  • Wil the pandemic cause a baby bust?
  • Did Joe Rogan get ripped off by Spotify?
  • What does the future of podcasting look like?
  • What if you sold near the bottom?
  • Why more customization is the future of wealth management and much more

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