Animal Spirits: The Four Most Dangerous Words

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We discuss:

  • The unbelievable run in stocks to breakeven
  • Are shorter bear markets here to stay?
  • Is inflation finally here?
  • Why economic data points will be so hard to gauge in the coming months
  • The hardest problem in investing right now
  • Are today’s day traders any different from speculators of the past?
  • Which stocks do day traders buy the most?
  • How to tell when things really are different this time
  • Why investing is so hard
  • Being right for the wrong reasons
  • Is New York City in trouble?
  • Where are people moving to during this pandemic?
  • Why the real estate market is so difficult to handicap
  • Did the NBA solve our Covid testing problems?
  • Why more businesses are started during a downturn
  • Breaking into the asset management business and much more

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