Animal Spirits Episode 53: Panic a Little

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • What’s the one thing we’re certain of about the stock market going forward?
  • Why volatility begets more volatility in the markets.
  • How expectations factors into the stock market and the economy.
  • Why the stock market is nothing like a casino.
  • Labor shortages, wages, and a sub-4% unemployment rate.
  • How does the stock market affect the economy and vice versa?
  • What should you do if you’ve been sitting in cash for a number of years?
  • What you can learn from the robo-advisors.
  • When is it OK to panic in the stock market?
  • Why are investors fleeing bond funds?
  • What % of people think they will win the lottery?
  • Are all the economic gains really going to the rich?
  • Is Uber really worth $120 billion?
  • Is it possible for the stock market to be down over a 20-year period?
  • Never buy an investment product because of a free meal and much more.

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