Animal Spirits Episode 74: Footing the Bill

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We discuss:

  • The dreaded yield curve inversion — useful signal or noise?
  • Who’s smarter — the bond market or the Fed?
  • Which generation is in more trouble financially — millennials or boomers?
  • Who ya got — Kahneman vs. Cialdini?
  • Why IPOs are almost always oversubscribed
  • Better investment — real estate or stocks?
  • Bitcoin volume is fake. Do HFTs make stock market volume similarly overstated?
  • New hedge funds vs. old hedge funds
  • Simple vs. complex
  • Behavioral lessons from the blackjack table & much more

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TV Shows/Movies/Podcasts Mentioned:

  • Catastrophe (Amazon Prime)  – Pretty much the perfect comedy for the streaming era. It’s just 4 seasons with 6 episodes per season and each episode is only 30 minutes a piece. A hilarious and perfect take on marriage and having kids.
  • Green Book – I’m not exactly going out on a limb by recommending the movie that won best picture at the Oscars but I enjoyed this one. Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali were a wonderful duo.
  • Us – Michael came away confused by this new horror movie from Jordan Peele.

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