Animal Spirits: The Wealthiest Generation

Today’s Animal Spirits is presented by Acre Trader:

Check out the Talk Your Book we did with Acre Tradr CEO Carter Malloy about the case for investing in farmland.

We discuss:

  • Money is still flowing into crypto at a rapid pace
  • Why crypto yields are falling
  • Why it’s so hard to change your mind as an investor
  • High yield bonds are now low yield bonds
  • Why aren’t interest rates higher?
  • Young people are putting off buying a house and settling down until later in life
  • The link between real estate, stocks and bonds
  • The Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton of investment firms
  • Are people getting better with their finances?
  • Millennials are wealthier than you think
  • How The Great Outdoors with John Candy explains FOMO
  • What would you do if you won $100k right now?
  • The best show I’ve seen in a long time that you’ve never heard of

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