Animal Spirits: This is a Bubble

We discuss:

  • Tesla’s massive price rise
  • Managing an outsized position in your portfolio
  • Does it make sense Elon Musk is richer than Warren Buffett?
  • Why isn’t Tesla in the S&P 500 yet?
  • How is it possible Robert De Niro is going broke this year?
  • Simple is beating complex this year
  • Why isn’t more money pouring out of long/short funds?
  • Why market neutral funds are so difficult to deal with
  • Why tail risk strategies are so hard to implement without losing a ton of money over the long-term
  • Why do so many institutional investors continue to shovel money into alts?
  • The boom in home renovations
  • Why the stock market makes more sense than most people realize
  • What do you do if you sold out of stocks in March?
  • Do technology companies need to take more responsibility for their users’ actions?
  • Is wealth inequality driving the rise in gambling on the markets?
  • Bankruptcies and layoffs are on the rise
  • Hulu is better than Prime and much more

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