Animal Spirits: The Best Decade in Human History

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben…

We discuss:

  • Remember the bear market that happened a year ago
  • The difference between recessionary and non-recessionary bear markets
  • Contrarian indicators are almost useless anymore
  • Why it’s never easy to buy when stocks are getting crushed
  • Why it’s impossible to emulate Peter Lynch
  • Was Peter Lynch overrated?
  • Is illiquidity a form of risk management?
  • How will robo-annuities work?
  • What can Disney possibly do as an encore next year?
  • Tesla’s unbelievable stock run
  • Why is NBA viewership down?
  • What would you teach a group of college students about finance?
  • What will the year 2030 look like?
  • What if there are no sellers when you want to sell?
  • What books do we read to our kids?
  • My favorite movie of the year candidate and much more

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