Talk Your Book: Farmland For the Modern Investor

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Farm Together.

This week we spoke with Artem Milinchuk, CEO and founder of Farm Together.

We discuss:

  • Where do your returns come from when investing in farmland?
  • What to look for when investing in a farm
  • How the market for buying and selling farms works
  • What’s the best case for an investment return on a farm?
  • Where is Farm Together buying farmland?
  • What are the yields on farmland investments?
  • What are the biggest risks of investing in farmland?
  • What is a cash yield on farmland?
  • Who operates the farm after purchase?
  • What is the goal of investing in farmland?
  • How to choose between the various farmland investments?
  • Which crops have expectations of higher returns?
  • How volatile are farmland prices?
  • What should your time horizon be on a farmland investment?

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