What if the Future is Better Than We Think?

“Humanity is now entering a period of radical transformation in which technology has the potential to significantly raise the basic standards of living for every man, woman and child on the planet.” – Peter Diamandis I’m a fairly optimistic person, but it can be difficult at times to keep a glass-is-half-full mentality when the majority…

Year End Investment Performance Review

“This year I invested in pumpkins. They’ve been going up the whole month of October and I got a feeling they’re going to peak right around January. Then bang! That’s when I’ll cash in.” – Homer Simpson

Asset Allocation Quilt

“The most important thing you can have is a good strategic asset allocation mix. So, what the investor needs to do is have a balanced, structured portfolio – a portfolio that does well in different environments….we don’t know that we’re going to win. We have to have diversified bets.” – Ray Dalio

Lessons Learned From William Bernstein

“Finance is never, ever, a theoretical exercise; you’re never half as detached from portfolio losses as you think you will be.” – William Bernstein William Bernstein is a legend in the long term investing advice universe. Bernstein is actually a neurologist that decided to teach himself about investing and wealth management. His self-teaching eventually led…

2013 Year in Review (Part 1)

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.” – Walter Elliott These are my investment lessons and takeaways from an interesting year in 2013.

2013 Lessons Learned

Josh Brown has a terrific piece up today at The Reformed Broker that summarizes the lessons learned in 2013 by people from all over the world of finance and media.

Forecasting and Your Local Meteorologist

“Recognizing that the amount of confidence someone expresses in a prediction is not a good indicator of its accuracy – to the contrary, these qualities are often inversely correlated. Danger lurks, the in the economy and elsewhere, when we discourage forecasters from making a full and explicit account of the risks inherent in the world…