Animal Spirits: The Worst Chart in Finance

On today’s show, we discuss why investing is so hard, the time between all-time highs in a bear market, why the Fed is in such a tough spot, ramifications from the banking crisis, low supply in the housing market, why people think their children will be worse off, the psychology behind the AI boom and much more.

Talk Your Book: Startups in a Crisis

On today’s show, we are joined by Brandon Arvanaghi, Founder and CEO of Meow, and Devon Drew, the CEO and CIO of DFD Partners to discuss tools for business owners and treasury cash management, and distribution solutions for advisors and asset managers.

Animal Spirits: The Lender of Last Resort

On today’s show we discuss the latest from the banking crisis, the market’s reaction to bank runs, what the Fed should do next, why service inflation is higher than goods inflation, why crypto is rallying this year, how much money it takes to be rich and much more.