Animal Spirits: Buy the Dip is Dead

On today’s show, we talk about why the stock market is getting crushed this month, what one year’s returns mean for the next year, why retail investors are still buying tech stocks, 3 scenarios for next year’s market, the Fed’s 2% inflation target, why there will never be a perfect economy, the Avatar sequel and much more.

Talk Your Book: The Opposite of ESG

On today’s show, we are joined by Mark Neuman, Founder and CIO of Constrained Capital to discuss companies orphaned by ESG, how capital is actually getting constrained, politics in investing, Coke & Pepsi vs Alcohol and Tobacco, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Peak Inflation

On today’s show we discuss inflation rolling over, the possibility of a soft landing, Santa Claus rallies, SBF getting arrested, what a housing market comeback would look like, picking stocks vs. picking stock-pickers, The White Lotus season 2, and much more.