Animal Spirits: Price Drives Narrative

On this week’s show, we discuss the ever-changing narratives in the stock market and economy, iron-clad rules of investing, why markets are so confusing right now, a wider bid-ask spread in the housing market, crypto’s LTCM moment, and much more.

Animal Spirits: Soft Landing

On this week’s show, we discuss the stock market’s ability to predict a recession, the hot labor market, wages vs. inflation, the prospect for a soft landing in the economy, Robinhood vs. Coinbase, volatility in the mortgage market, a bunch of movie recs and much more.

Animal Spirits: Redefining a Recession

On today’s show, we discuss why the middle class is getting squeezed, why it’s so hard to define what a recession is, boring stocks are outperforming, the size of the housing market, why negotiating will be making a comeback, spending time alone and much more.