Animal Spirits: Addicted to Trading

On today’s show, we discuss our trip to Charleston, slowing vs normalization of the economy, the loneliness of the American worker, Fed rate cuts, getting rich fast, degens trading options, car deals are coming back, the trust cost of home ownership, in defense of credit card reward hunting, the poor man’s Tom Cruise, and much more!

Animal Spirits: The Consumer is Slowing Down

On today’s show, we discuss:
– What happens if the AI bubble bursts
– 200 years of stock market concentration
– How to find lower insurance premiums
– The bottom 50%
– The fentanyl of private markets
– Assets and debts across generations
– Middle age conversation starters, and more.

Talk Your Book: Supply and Demand Always Wins

On today’s show we are joined by Sal Gilbertie, CEO of Teucrium to discuss:
– The cost of production and commodities
– How inflation affects the cost of production
– How investors are utilizing Teucrium products
– What’s going on in cocoa, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Has the World Gone Crazy?

On today’s show, we discuss:
– The great Bill Walton
– How many people own stocks and houses in America
– How the internet and outrage culture broke surveys
– 401k millionaires
– What inflation means now
– The Home Alone house is on the market
– The best personal finance traits, and more!

Talk Your Book: Growth Stage Debt Investing

On today’s show, we are joined by Kyle Brown, CEO, President, and CIO of Trinity Capital to discuss:
– How the Trinity Capital structure works
– How Venture Debt investing works
– Understanding execution risk vs technology risk
– Trinity’s 5 income generating businesses, risks involved, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Wages Are Beating Inflation

On today’s show, we talk about:
– Losing a family pet
– The S&P 500 is not the economy
– Everything is up this year
– The stock market is NOT a casino
– Wages are cumulative just like inflation
– Consumers keep consuming
– The Ben Carlson streaming bundle, and more.

Talk Your Book: Higher For Longer

On today’s show, we are joined by Alex Morris, President and Chief Investment Officer of F/m Investments to discuss
– What duration, maturity, and convexity mean to a bond
– The psychology of bond bear markets
– Why TIPS did not perform as expected in 2022
– Differences between yield to maturity and the 30-day SEC yield, and much more!

Talk Your Book: Defining Risk with Structured Protection ETFs

On today’s show, we spoke with Matt Kaufman, SVP and Head of ETFs at Calamos Investments to discuss:
– Why embedding options within ETF wrappers has gotten so popular
– How Calamos structures protection ETFs
– Why timing can matter with structured protection ETFs
– Demographic tailwinds for structured protection products, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Fighting Inflation

On today’s show, we discuss:
– The suffocating bull market
– The other side of government debt
– Jerry Seinfeld on when money changed everything
– Consumers are finally fighting back against inflation
– Wall Street translations
– Who is buying Bitcoin ETFs
– The bear case against housing, and much more!