The Hardest Market Environment Ever

I know it’s fashionable to complain about Zoom meetings because we’re all so sick of the pandemic.

But I’m beginning to appreciate Zoom for certain aspects of my job.

Michael and I always assumed doing podcasts over Zoom would take away from interviews but now that people are used to it, have the right equipment and it’s accepted, it saves so much time and effort.

The same is true of speaking engagements.

I like to travel occasionally but I don’t like being away from my kids.

I’ve done a number of talks and presentations throughout the pandemic and it’s allowed me to reach certain groups and organizations I probably wouldn’t have talked to under normal circumstances.

Plus it’s actually easier to do a presentation from the comfort of your desk. And since it’s more informal it’s much easier to handle questions and comments throughout instead of having an awkward Q&A at the end.

Conferences will have a comeback at some point but I like the idea of holding these Zoom events for groups and organizations that don’t want to go to the trouble of throwing a blowout conference.

This week I spoke with the Los Angeles chapter of AAII about why we are in the midst of the hardest investing environment ever. I broke my record for most slides in a single presentation. Here they are:

Editor’s note: uploading this presentation to Scribd added some weird bullet points and formatting issues but it’s still pretty close to the real thing.

Josh Brown finally started his own podcast this year called The Compound which is a combination of Josh riffing on the markets and interviews with 1-2 guests a week.

This week I appeared for the second time to chat about my new book go over my 20 Rules of Personal Finance in detail:

Finally, our producer Duncan Hill does an amazing job putting together clips from Animal Spirits each week that incorporate the stories, charts and people we discuss. This week’s video is all about the IPO mania:

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Now here’s what I’ve been reading lately: