Animal Spirits: A Tough Break

On today’s show, we discuss a late-night trip to the ER for a broken leg, good news is bad news in the labor market, the last time the Fed sent us into a recession, earnings vs. stock market performance, the inflation burp, what happens to housing prices from here, and much more.

Talk Your Book: Investing in Private Credit

On today’s show, we speak with Michael Reisner, Co-CEO of CION Investments about investing in private credit in this environment, how CION can be publicly traded, how a recession may affect floating rate credit investments, and much more.

Animal Spirits: Long-Term Bullish

On this week’s show we discuss why we’re getting more excited about stock prices as they fall, why expected returns are rising, where investors will move their money with higher yields, Credit Suisse vs. Lehman Brothers, how the Fed is breaking things across the globe, why the Bank of England stepped in to buy bonds and much more.

Animal Spirits: Powell Wants You to Lose Your Job

On today’s show, we discuss is the Fed making a huge mistake, why it’s so difficult to predict the economy, why it’s so easy to be bearish right now, breaking the housing market, why we’ve turned on Jerome Powell, the bullish case for a 60/40 portfolio and much more.

Animal Spirits: Is a Recession Bullish?

On today’s episode, we recap our experience at Future Proof, interest rates vs. inflation for the stock market, a blow-off top in short-term rates, what could cause international stocks to outperform, housing inflation, why the housing market is broken, George Clooney’s best movie and much more.

Talk Your Book: Portfolio Premortem

On today’s show, we spoke to Fabric Risk Co-Founder, Rick Bookstaber about identifying risks for advisors, lifestyle characteristics and risks, the MSCI factor model, scenario testing, and much more.