Re-Kindled: Malcolm Gladwell

On this edition of Re-Kindled, we re-read Malcolm Gladwell’s first two books, Tipping Point and Blink.

We discuss:

  • Why is there so much backlash against Gladwell
  • The rise of pop psychology
  • Why has Sesame Street been so popular for so long?
  • What causes ideas to spread like wildfire?
  • The big investor who had money with Bernie Madoff
  • How do you get little kids to pay attention to educational content?
  • The 2.83 degrees of Kevin Bacon
  • When small things cause a big change
  • Why you can’t trust taste tests
  • Personality traits shared by generals and traders
  • 4 telltale signs a couple is going to get a divorce
  • Why it’s so hard to explain intuition

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