Building a Sustainable Business in the Digital Age

This week I had the pleasure of giving a talk to the ACG Women in Finance group. Here are a few things I covered:

  • Why women are better investors than men and why it’s so important to have cognitive diversity in your decision-making teams.
  • Why the stock market is like Shark Week (the more you watch both the more fearful you become).
  • The power of a good narrative.
  • Why even experts make mistakes in their decision-making framework.
  • How we turned blogging into a business.
  • The lessons we’ve learned about running a business in the digital age.
  • Why personal brands will matter more than the name on the door or corporate logo in the years ahead.
  • How to think about technological progress and automation as it relates to your business.

This group was full of people mostly outside the world of wealth management (banking, law, nonprofits, etc.) so it was interesting to have conversations about how our business lines are similar in many ways. I believe that the rise of automation and new technologies is going to have an enormous impact on the shape of the workforce in the years ahead so this is a topic that sparked a lot of discussions.

I also had some great conversations about the fact that there are so few women who work in finance. I’ve seen an increasing number of studies in recent years on this topic but I haven’t seen many good solutions. Unfortunately, changing culture is difficult but I’m hoping this changes in the years ahead.

Here are my presentation slides for anyone interested:

Building a Sustainable Business in the Digital Age by Ben Carlson on Scribd

Have a great weekend!