Now What?

This week I took a short tour of the Midwest to give talks to the CFA Society of Louisville and the CFA Society of Indianapolis. Both were great audiences that asked some in depth questions and provided some good feedback, as well.

A number of people also asked me to share the slides from my presentation which I called ‘Now What?’. I’d say this is the question I’ve gotten more than any other from friends, family, clients, editors, reporters, and readers every year since 2013 or so.

Stock market valuations are high. Interest rates are low. The economic recovery has to end at some point. Now what?

This presentation was my attempt to provide some answers to this question or at least a framework for the way I think about the current situation.

CFA Presentation by Ben Carlson on Scribd

I may expand on some of these slides in the months ahead but feel free to reach out if you’d like to hear me talk to your organization in person for more context. I love getting in front of a crowd and opening things up for Q&As to hear how others are thinking about this stuff.

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