Financial Lessons From Tupac

“Constantly movin while makin millions.” – Tupac, Me Against the World

In my freshmen year high school english class our teacher asked us to name our favorite famous poet. Not being very well-versed in the field of poetry I answered rapper Tupac Shakur (I was only half kidding).

Not only is Tupac one of my favorite poets, but his lyrics are also filled with useful financial advice. What follows are lyrics to various Tupac songs that relate (in my mind) to financial issues.


On compound interest:

Trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents (a dime and a nickel). – I Get Around

On the benefits of a sound education:

Keep your mind on your money, enroll in school and as the years pass by you can show them fools. – Wonder Why They Call U

On Wall Street’s penchant for high fees:

Take money, take money. – Hit Em Up

Money can’t buy happiness:

When I talk about money all you see is the struggle.
When I tell you I’m livn’ large you tell me it’s trouble. – I Ain’t Mad At Ya

On Millennials with their money decisions:

We was young and we was dumb, but we had heart. – I Ain’t Mad At Ya

One bear markets and recessions:

I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep ya head up, and handle it. – Me Against the World

On the dangers of credit card debt:

All I could give it was my debt and my last name. – Words to My Firstborn

On being overwhelmed by the number of options available for investment advice:

I bet you got it twisted you don’t know who to trust. – All Eyez on Me

On improving your salary prospects in your career:

I’ve seen money but baby I got to gets more. – You Can’t C Me

On thinking for the long-term:

The futures in my eyes, cause all I want is cash and things. – All Eyez on Me

On the importance of longevity risk with your retirement funds:

Bury me smilin‘ with G’s in my pocket. – Life Goes On

On learning from past money mistakes:

I make mistakes but learn from every one when it’s said and done. – Ghetto Gospel

No one will care about your financial situation as much as you:

Keep your mind on your riches, baby, keep your mind on your riches.Heartz of Men

On the benefits of a contiuous learning process for even the most intelligent among us:

Even the genius asks questions. – Me Against the World


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  1. Brian Foley commented on Jun 15

    I am a huge fan of your site and have recommended it to friends and family looking for some good straight forward advice with no sales. But come on, really?

    • Ben commented on Jun 15

      Just having a little fun.

      I write 4-5 posts per week and 95% of them are fairly deep, covering serious topics that I think are important for people to understand about their finances.

      I don’t take myself too seriously so if I can have some fun with this stuff every once and a while it helps keep me sane.

      Can’t win ’em all or please everyone…you must be a Biggie fan.

      • J. Money commented on Jun 16

        HAH! Love it… Was a nice break for sure.

        • Ben commented on Jun 16

          Thanks man. I thought you’d like this one.

  2. Thunder Dizz commented on Jun 20

    While I do love Tupac, Biggie did have some sound financial advice as well….

    Don’t carry too much debt:

    Condo paid for, no car payment
    At my arraignment, note for the plantiff
    Your daughter’s tied up in a Brooklyn basement (shh)
    Face it, not guilty, that’s how I stay filthy (not guilty)
    Richer than Richie,