Animal Spirits: No Soft Landing

On today’s episode, we discuss the Fed sending us into a recession, our only chance for a soft landing, why predicting inflation is so difficult, why there is no such thing as a normal market, the biggest risk in crypto, why Chevy Chase was a one of one and much more.

Animal Spirits: A Housing Recession

On today’s show we discuss why most people don’t care about the bear market, the relationship between wages and inflation, why we won’t see a repeat of the 1970s, why Apple is the best company in the world, the revenge of the Dow, tech stock valuations, the best decade ever for movies and much more.

Talk Your Book: Doubling Down on Crypto

We are joined by Jack Neureuter, Fidelity Digital Assets Research Analyst, and Ramine Bigdeliazari, Director of Product for Fidelity Digital Assets to discuss Fidelity’s relationship and interest in crypto, proof of work vs proof of stake, crypto winter, and much more!