Talk Your Book: Trend Following with Eric Crittenden

On today’s show, we spoke with Eric Crittenden, CIO of Standpoint Asset Management to discuss adjusting for bias within data analysis, defining holding periods for trend following strategies, multi-asset strategies vs managed futures, simplifying the trading process when trend following, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Buying a House at the Top of the Market

On today’s show, we discuss why the stock market never really changes, why this is the hardest it’s ever been to beat the market, the travel boom rolls on, Boomers are having fun in retirement, young people are making money, the economy is slowing, Bitcoin ETFs are like 401k plans, people love guaranteed income, the new season of The Bear and much more.

Talk Your Book: Public and Private Market Credit Opportunities

On today’s show, we are joined by Ben Santonelli, Lead Portfolio Manager of Polen Capital’s Credit Opportunities Strategy to discuss how interval funds work, navigating interest rate increases within your bond allocation, how Polen Capital is actively managing bonds, the biggest risk to high yield bonds, how Polen Capital values businesses, thoughts on why spreads have remained tight, and much more!

Talk Your Book: Why We Don’t Build Enough Houses

On today’s show, we are joined by Coby Lefkowitz, Partner at Backyard to discuss why homebuilding has slowed, why building houses has become such a complex process, thoughts on start-up cities, Private Equity is not buying up all single family units, solutions to the housing crisis, and much more!