The Fed Matters Less Than You Think

These were some of the prevailing narratives from the post-GFC world: We only had a bull market in the 2010s because of the Fed juicing the economy. The only reason tech stocks did well is because of low interest rates. The only reason stocks kept recovering from every correction so quickly is because of the…

Talk Your Book: High Prices Cure High Prices

On today’s Talk Your Book, we are joined again by Sal Gilbertie, CEO of Teucrium to discuss:
– The golden grain cycle
– The cost of production and expected long term returns for commodities
– How everyone got the oil market wrong
– How the US dollar affects the commodity market. and much more!

Animal Spirits: $525k To Be Happy

On today’s show, we discuss:
– Why people keep spending so much money
– Long droughts between new highs in the stock market
– The best upside AI hedge
– Intelligence vs. pessimism
– Denominator blindness with inflation
– Most Americans are better off
– Why people are unhappy at work
– When it will be a good time to buy a house again, and much more!

Talk Your Book: Strategic Income

On today’s Talk Your Book, we spoke with Nuveen Portfolio Manager Nick Travaglino about:
– The bond market in 2023
– The Fed
– Fixed income yields
– An update on interest rates, and much more!