What In the World is Going On in the Market Right Now?

Josh sent out the bat signal to Michael and me this morning for an emergency market update to talk about the weird, fun, entertaining, crazy, head-scratching market moves we’re seeing right now in the stock market.

So we hopped on YouTube and discussed the following:

  • The biggest short squeeze of all-time
  • How many dominos are going to fall from this GameStop thing?
  • Could we see a run on hedge funds?
  • Are markets broken?
  • How much big money is in on these trades?
  • What ends the run in something like WSB?
  • Why this is not the same thing as 1999
  • Were the hedge funds asking for this?
  • How crypto invigorated retail investors
  • Will this change the way hedge fund managers short?
  • How Robinhood set this in motion
  • Are hedge fund managers in the message boards now?

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