A Few Reminders

Some simple reminders about what to focus on:

Portfolio management not investment strategies.

Meeting your needs & desires not beating benchmarks.

Risk management not risk measurement.

Long-term process not short-term outcomes.

Products you understand not investments that sound clever.

Important not urgent.

Simplicity not complexity.

Think opportunities not volatility.

Fewer decisions not more choices.

Enough not more.

Delayed gratification not instant.

Systems not willpower.

Flexibility not certainty.

Evidence not opinions.

Humility not hubris.

A plan not tactics.

Emotional control not hedging.

Patience not activity.

Balance not gambling.

Perspective not more information.

Investing not speculation.

Total return not just yield.

Discipline not neglect.

Your time horizon not someone else’s.

Books not arguments.

And finally, remember that financial independence is about time not wealth.


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