Talk Your Book: Crypto Goes Mainstream

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by BlockFi:

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We spoke with our friend Zac Prince of BlockFi to get the lay of the land in crypto.

We discuss:

  • The last year in crypto feels like a decade
  • Tech brain vs. finance brain in crypto
  • How is the bitcoin futures ETF impacting stablecoin rates?
  • The duopoly in the crypto borrowing market
  • The difference between a bitcoin futures ETF vs. buying the spot price
  • How much will the bitcoin futures ETF underperform the price?
  • Why doesn’t the SEC just greenlight a spot ETF?
  • Is the GBTC an ETF arbitrage play?
  • Why do stablecoins pay such high rates?
  • The behavioral psychology behind people buying shitcoins
  • How will crypto evolve with better technology?
  • What happens if stablecoins are required to be called a security by regulators

Listen here:


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