Talk Your Book: Diamond Hands with Zac Prince

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by BlockFi:

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We always have fun catching up on the world of crypto finance with Zac Prince on BlockFi.

We discuss:

  • Why isn’t crypto falling in the fact of regulation?
  • Who is buying bitcoin this year?
  • What drove the crypto crash?
  • What happens to crypto loans in a crash?
  • How liquidations move crypto markets
  • What happened to crypto flows during the crash?
  • How much volatility can you handle in crypto?
  • Improved infrastructure investment in crypto
  • How regulation is impacting BlockFi
  • Earning bitcoin rewards on a credit card
  • What is going on in the infrastructure bill as it pertains to crypto
  • How does BlockFi set interest rates?
  • How BlockFi views alt coins
  • Is it crazy to keep your emergency fund in stablecoins?

Listen here:


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