Talk Your Book: Crypto Update with Zac Prince

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by BlockFi:

Go to to check out their interest rates and new bitcoin credit card. You can learn how BlockFi’s rates work by listening to today’s show with CEO Zac Prince. Also BlockFi is hiring.

We discuss:

  • What the Coinbase IPO means
  • Everyone thinks bitcoin is in a bubble
  • What is it like to be the CEO of a fast-growing fintech firm?
  • When will traditional finance get into crypto?
  • Why fees have to compress in crypto
  • How bitcoin futures allow for high interest rates from BlockFi
  • How a bitcoin ETF will impact crypto markets
  • Who are BlockFi’s customers?
  • What are the demographics of people investing in crypto?
  • Earning bitcoin credit card rewards
  • Ethereum’s fees are too high
  • How to borrow against bitcoin
  • How stablecoins work
  • What is the right starter amount to allocate to crypto?
  • Bank price targets on bitcoin
  • Michael’s holding period for bitcoin

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