Talk Your Book: Crypto as an Emerging Store of Value

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by BlockFi:

Go to to check out their ridiculously high interest rates. You can learn how they get those high rates by listening to today’s show with BlockFi CEO Zac Prince.

We discuss:

  • How bitcoin has gone from a currency to a store of value
  • Bitcoin vs. gold
  • Why are institutions coming into crypto now?
  • What is a stablecoin and why do they exist?
  • How does Tether work?
  • Is Tether distorting bitcoin prices?
  • How do transactions on the blockchain work?
  • Will a bitcoin ETF help the crypto market?
  • What are the spreads on bitcoin trades?
  • The business behind BlockFi
  • How does liquidity work at BlockFi?
  • How does BlockFi offer such high rates?

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