Talk Your Book: Investing in Art with Masterworks

Today’s Talk Your Book is sponsored by Masterworks:

We talked with Masterworks founder Scott Lynn about buying a piece of art as an asset class. Go to to learn more.

We discuss:

  • Inequality as an investment thesis
  • What is blue-chip art?
  • What is the ideal holding period for art?
  • Secondary markets for art
  • How do you value art?
  • How art is like real estate
  • Volatility in the art market
  • Where did this idea come from?
  • How old is the art market?
  • How efficient is the art market?
  • Art vs. gold
  • Correlation of art to other asset classes
  • The art market during a recession
  • Picasso as a large cap, Monet as a mid cap and Banksy as a small cap
  • How the art world is dealing with the crisis and much more

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