Yes, Size Matters

“Anyone who says that size does not hurt investment performance is selling. The highest rates of return I’ve ever achieved were in the 1950s. I killed the Dow. You ought to see the numbers. But I was investing peanuts then. It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money.” – Warren Buffett Yes, size…

Putting Emerging Market Stock Losses Into Perspective

“Volatility can be a good thing for investors; be prepared to benefit from it. […] Political uncertainty – like any other form of uncertainty – can be your green light to move into a market.” – Mark Mobius Emerging Markets have been getting all of the financial headlines lately. Currency issues and political instability have…

Pricing Power

“Understanding the irrationalities inherent to human nature is every bit as important as understanding how to read a balance sheet and an income statement.” – Robert Hagstom

Economics: The Debate Club

“Think like an investor and not like an economist or politician.” – Richard Bernstein According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), since 1857, the U.S. has experienced 33 recessions that lasted an average of 17 months. That means that there’s been a recession in one out of every five years, on average. In…

Answers to Your Biggest Financial Concerns

“Hire an advisor because it is very hard to see the errors in your own behavior & it is easy to see the errors in someone else’s behavior.  Very few people need to hire advisors because of the size of their calculators.  They need an advisor to help them behave correctly.” – Carl Richards

Financial Envy

“Nothing obscures your financial judgment on investments more than the site of your neighbor getting rich.” – JP Morgan